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Welcome to the Meds for Kids blog site.  This blog is meant for parents, grandparents, and any caregiver of infants, children, and adolescents.  I hope you find the information useful and informative.  I express my professional opinion about the benefits and potential safety concerns about various medicines infants, children, and adolescents. 

There are relatively few medicines that should not be given to infants or young children, such as aspirin, as these medicines may cause unique and potentially dangerous adverse effects in infants and children.  However, in very specific medical conditions, aspirin can be given to children.  Aspirin should not be given to children regularly for the treatment of pain or fever, as it may result in a dangerous medical condition known as Reye’s Syndrome.  Although there are relatively few medicines not intended for use in children (this is known as a “contraindication”), this does not imply that all medicines, or most, can be safely given to infants and children.  More information about this topic is available throughout this blog site. 

The most common error made by parents and medical professionals when giving or prescribing medicines to children are dosing errors, in other words, measuring or calculating a dose that is too large or small for a specific infant or child.  As most medicine doses are based upon an infant’s or child’s weight, it becomes very easy for a health care professional (such as a physician, pharmacist, or nurse) to accidentally calculate an inaccurate dose for an infant or child.  It is also very easy for a parent to accidentally measure out an erroneous (wrong) dose of a liquid medicine for an infant or young child.  So, as a parent, there are many steps and precautions you can take to avoid the potential for giving too large or too small of a medicine dose for your infant or child.  You can learn more about these steps and precautions here. 

These topics will be discussed throughout this blog site.  I hope you find the information useful and informative. 

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